DNA Testing


What Paternity Test Do I Need for Child Support and Custody?
You need a legal paternity test if you want to use the report for child support and custody. Did you know results for a home paternity test are not court-admissable? For DNA results to be accepted, the court system requires that a specific chain-of-custody process be followed. Some reasons for legal DNA testing include: child support and custody, birth certificate, immigration, adoption, tax forms, inheritance rights and more.


To confirm the. Mother of a Baby or Child.


Is He my Brother or my Half-Brother?
Do you want to know if you and your sibling share the same father? Not sure if your children are from the same man? Or do you want to confirm a possible relationship discovered through ancestry testing? There are many reasons for doing a DNA sibling test.

Grandparentage DNA Testing

To confirm a biological relationship when a Mother/Father is absent.

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