High quality, confidential, and cost effective drug and alcohol testing programs.

Akme Drug Testing, LLC provides a complete professional testing capabilities to suit your requirements from individuals to large corporations.

Your own personal elite on-site drug and alcohol testing staff. 

Benefits of on-site testing with Akme:

Reduces the risk of employee tampering and adulteration of test samples.

Lowers time lost and risk of injury due to employee travel.

More convenient if your company works around the clock with multiple shifts.

Why Should A Company Conduct Drug & Alcohol Testing?

Investing in drug testing can save your company time and money by reducing the number of issues faced because of employees using illicit drugs.

Drug Users Are Not the Best Employees

Drug users are more likely to change jobs frequently, to be late or absent from work, and are more likely to be less productive employees.

Drug Users Are Unsafe Workers

The US Postal Service found that substance abusers are 55% more likely to be in an accident and 85% more likely to sustain on the job injuries.

Drug Users Are Very Costly to Employers

The US Navy estimates each drug user costs his or her employer an average of $6,600 more than non-substance abusing co-workers each year.

Employees Favor Drug Testing

The National Safety Council reports that 80% of those injured in “serious” drug-related work accidents are non-using co-workers and others.

Akme Drug Testing is a locally owned and operated company.

We provide dedicated, first class drug and alcohol collection services on a temporary or long-term basis.

We work with qualified collection sites nationwide and always use DHHS Certified Labs.

Akme is available for quick emergency response in case of an accident on the job site or on the road.

Leading-edge medical laboratory tests and services through a national network of primary clinical laboratories and specialty testing laboratories.